How Students Struggle To Get Water In Unilorin hostels

It’s no more rumour that for some period of time now, there has been issues  with water in almost all Unilorin hostels as we see students from From all angles carrying buckets around Early in The morning, Especially during this exam period..

Unilorin Lagos Hostel
Students Queue For Hours To Get Water

Some of this guys said they have Exams This very day and have already spent close to a hour on the queue

Unilorin faculty of law
Faculty Of Law!!!

Imagine Student From Lagos, Abuja Hostel Coming To Faculty Of Law Just For A Bucket Of Water.

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Long Queue For Water

When there is no water,it encourage student to use the toilet without flushing,

We have some foreign students On Campus, this people will wake up,get to the toilet and see how messed up it is

They will need water and have to Queue Or go to a long distance before getting it, They won’t have good impression about Nigeria Because anything that happens here, they will believe that’s how it is all over Nigeria

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Unilorin Zamfara Girls
Bukola Saraki Water outside Lagos male Hostel

“Life Has not been Easy In Unilorin hostels”

“I have exam By 12pm And I am Still looking for water by 11_Student”

“Yesterday I went to class without taking my bath _Student “

“There is no water in the whole Abuja Hostel,People had to go get water from a well inside the hostel_student”

“The most annoying thing is the toilet, sometimes I go to oke odo to use toilet”

Unilorin Lagos Hostel
Students looking for water

This Guys above are captured leaving The hostel premises, when asked where they were going and all they could say was “We don’t even know, we are going anywhere we can get water”

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We Implore Those In charge To Please Look into this…


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