TY Danjuma’s Son Proposes To Beautiful White Girlfriend (Photos)


Theo Danjuma is dating a lovely white woman whom he has now decided to spend the rest of his life with

Theo Danjuma, one of the sons of Nigeria’s former Minister of Defense and billionaire businessman, Lt.Gen. Theophilus Danjuma, has proposed to his girlfriend, Louise Green.

The couple have been dating for over three years and were both together in Morocco when Agbani Darego got married to Ishaya Danjuma, the first son of the billionaire retired military officer.

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An excited Louise shared the news of their engagement online.

”#isaidyes #islandlife #ido#stayingforever #justeunclou #willdo#fiance”, she wrote

See more photos:

Theo Danjuma is dating a lovely white woman


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