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Tizzle App- Could this be the Future of Birthdays in the world?”


Tizzle App- Could this be the Future of Birthdays in the world?”

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“Could Tizzle App be the Future of Birthdays in the world?”

1.Tizzle App helps you plan for your birthday,By sending invitation to specific people you want to invite as well as your refreshment menu for them to pick and immediately, the other user gets a notification that “Ruth invite you to their Birthday party” would you be


Not attending

decide lateR

If the person invited clicks attending,the app will then show him the menu to pick water type of drink and food he prefers (this helps you decide almost accurate measure of how many people to expect,as well as what,How much to buy when you want to buy them to avoid waste and save money) and it will keep reminding the person invited about a the party appointment.

– If the person clicks (Not attending,it will show you templates of *”polite excuses* to pick from for not coming..maybe ,busy at work and all sort.

– If the person clicks “decide later ” it will ask the person later.

Tizzle App
2. Tizzle App also cuts of the need to purchase airtime to make call.because people arnt always buoyant…As long as the other person uses the App .you can make real-time voice call to the person…And if you want drop a voice call for the person to hear when its time,so now you can sing a happy birthday to you in advance,lol

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*3*. Tizzle Users Also enjoy a collection of over 1000 already prepared messages,So you don’t have to think too much if you don’t know what to say or can’t find the right words to express yourself.

*4.* Then theres automatic message delivery , where you can type messages for all the birthdays in a particular month and it will send to them 12 midnight of their birthday.

*5.* Then there’s Zodiac sign,which tells if you are Aries or Leo or Sagittarius based on your month of birth and affects your personality trait.and a daily horoscope,every morning when you wake up everyday,now a horoscope is

*6.* Every profile on tizzle has a wish list…giving people an idea of things you like and would appreciate for your birthday or as a birthday gift..
*7.* Right on same App you can shop for cakes, Drinks,and also order surprise gifts for people..

Please tell us what made you come up with this idea and an explanation of what this App can do.

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Thank you very much,
Hum, The app came up because i keep making the same mistake every year to people around me,and i wasn’t alone because millions of people in the world also makes that same mistake everyday .i figured people might pretend they don’t care about birthdays or they are totally ok with it when you forget their birthday..

But deep down they do.Why wont they thou? It’s the most important day of their life in every three hundred and sixty-five days,and for every one you forget,they almost want to believe they arnt that important to you afterAll.if if they understand you are busy with life and everything.theyll still remind you the following year not to forget like you did last Why,because no matter how much we show we a tough,we are genetically emotional beings.

Then i this age of digital awareness why can’t this problem be just 2 clicks because other apps have the feature to save people’s birthday. but some reminds you of birthdays of people you don’t even know personally. So tizzle only shows you birthday of people you have in your phone contact list as well as in your calendar,you don’t have to insert it..

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it updates it automatically as long as other users are using the app. And every time you have a new number automatically updates it in tizzle. long as the person is in tizzle. others you can also insert it yourself
And *other Mobile Application*
*-* you have to click each person,
*1* go back,
*2* click another,
*3* then go to message in another app
*4* then think of what to write
*5* then What to buy
*6* then where to buy them and stuff
*7* how to deliver

. That’s stressful and People are too busy for that and that constitute why people dont wish others happy birthday..
But with Tizzle App

*1.* Open the App
*2.* Do everything birthday
Be happy,make others happy..

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