Man Narrowly Escapes Being Killed By A Gigantic Cobra Snake Hiding Inside His Toilet (Photos)

It was lengthy testimony post for Facebook user, Luke Erukakpome, as he shared photos of the cobra that would have bitten him in his toilet in Delta State.

According to him, he escaped being bitten after he used his torch to check out the sink. However he saw a ‘black stuff’ below the water in the toilet seat, and was trying to identify what it could be because he used the toilet’ not too long before the revisit. That was when he noticed it is a cobra.

Luke disclosed that the Cobra was so big that they could not device any means to kill it than to use a gun, which left them waiting for two hours for members of the vigilante group in the area to arrive.

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His post reads;

God’s Miracles never end and they are marvellous in our eyes.

God saved me from a dangerous horrible looking cobra yesterday night in my toilet Seat(WC) here in Abraka delta state.

It was around 7.34pm when wanted to use the toilet (pee) I decided to use my touch light to view the sink before action,i saw a black stuff below the water in the toilet seat and I was trying to identify what it could be because I used the toilet some hours ago. Lo and behold it was a horrible looking cobra. I called the care taker of the hostel where I live, he came and confirmed it.The snake is so big that we couldn’t devised another good means to kill it than the use of Gun? .For more than 2hrs the snake was there until we called the attention of the vigilante group and finally it was killed with the aid of a gun.

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Please always make sure you look very well before using your toilet. I couldn’t believe how it entered but verifications say it came from the toilet suck away pit.

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