How I Was Dumped By My First Love – Fans Shares Experience

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My ignore my typo’s. So there was this lady I met (3) years ago during her course of registration, then I used to operate a small cyber cafe in school.

As time went on, we became friends, after a while we both started developing some feelings for each other but as a real-G I was just waiting for her to make moves first but to no avail, so I decided to ask her out.

She told me she loves me but we can’t date because she already has a boyfriend whom she intends to get married to, that we can only be friends and wish I should respect her decision, the guy in question lives abroad.

9 months passed we were still friends until one fateful day one thing led to another and we both had sex, after everything she said hope I’ve succeeded in getting what I want and went as far as saying I shouldn’t call her line and never come to her apartment again, that she doesn’t want to ever see or have anything to do with me again then she left.

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The next day I wanted to call but fear could not allow me, I later took up the challenge and called but she didn’t pick my calls.

Later that evening I decided to pay her a visit and behold immediately I got to her apartment she smiled and said “I thought i’ll never come” that she’s now convinced that I truly love her, finally she accepted and we start dating.

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Everything was going on smooth until some time last year, I started noticing some things about her, she no longer frequent my house anymore, doesn’t call, always on tight schedule.

I’ll ask her what’s her problem but she’ll wave it, meanwhile this lady was busy frustrating my efforts of loving her but I never gave-up.

Locked her up in the room and told her to tell me whats wrong with her or she isn’t going out, she said her guy is back though she still loves me but she doesn’t want to double date, that she doesn’t know how to put it to me that’s why she has been acting-up, that she wants to settle down, I was so heartbroken but as a man i packaged myself and bid her farewell.

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Last month she came back to beg for my forgiveness, and is still begging till date, I love this lady so much that i can’t stand her tears.

Please I’m So Confused, What Should I Do?

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