Here’s how Nigerians are reacting to the arrest of Forbes-rated billionaire, Invinctus Obi Okeke by FBI for $12 million (N4.3bn) fraud


Here's how Nigerians are reacting to the arrest ofForbes-rated billionaire, Invinctus Obi Okeke by FBI for $12 million (N4.3bn) fraudTo say Nigerians are disappointed and heart broken with the news of the arrest of Forbes-rated young Nigerian billionaire and CEO of Invictus Group, Obinwanne Okeke will be an understatement. Obi was arrested by America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) over a $12 million (N4.3bn) fraud.

He was arrested last week on the last day of his trip to the United States for allegedly defrauding top American companies of huge sums.  According to court documents, he allegedly scammed $12m from a steel company by hacking into an executive’s office365 account and sending an email with a fake invoice to the purchase department.

His arrest came after Special Agent Marshall Ward of the FBI and the team he heads opened up an investigation in July 2018, following a petition by Unatrac Holding Limited.  See reactions to his arrest below….

FBI dragging invictus Obi like— Ewure Of Africa (@Dehkunle) August 17, 2019In a world where everyone celebrates overnight success, Forbes need to go back to the drawing board to find a way of carrying out proper background research.

If not, any Yahoo Yahoo boy like Invictus Obi would easily make their list. Except the entire process itself is corrupt.— Wale Adetona (@iSlimfit) August 17, 2019Invictus Obi at tech events: “be inspired to aspire your desire”Invictus Obi at home:— The Chief Priest (@PRINCE_VIIl) August 17, 2019Lmao It’s funny to me how Abuja people are surprised at this invictus Obi fraud guy…

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so all those people buying 12 don p at Moscow you think they work in ministry of Sports??— The t-shirt guy (@joeycrazype0ple) August 17, 2019Forbes trying to explain why they featured:1) Pablo Escobar2) El Chapo3) Obinwanne Okeke AKA Invictus ObiTo the FBI.Forbes:—

Black AbrahamLincolN (@Darksaint_911) August 17, 2019In 24hrs, 2 Nigerians dented the image of our dear country.1. Samson Siasia who was banned from football for life by FIFA due to bribery.2. Obinwanne Okeke aka Invictus Obi arrested by FBI for committing internet fraud.Again, being legit & contented is underated.

Be LEGIT— Iyá Lájè Of Lagos (@newscantell) August 17, 2019US Judge: What evidences do you have against Mr Invictus ObiFBI: Presents A4 page detailed affidavit with dates and time.Nigerian Judge: What evidence do you have against this guySARS: He has dreadlocks, tattoos, keeps beards, uses an iPhone & earring#SaturdayThoughts—

#BBNaija2019 NOBLE (@nobledonnish) August 17, 2019I read that Invictus Obi’s affidavit and all I could think was, if you give the FBI reason to have your time, they will make the most of it.

— Olawale Adetula (@thetoolsman) August 16, 2019This Invictus Obi affidavit shows what I have always been saying that Nigerian 419 fraudsters are basic. Their victims are also basic too. How can a company where CFO can authorize millions of dollars in transfer have no endpoint security and transaction authorization security?—

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Victor Asemota (@asemota) August 16, 2019On this Invictus Obi case, have you noticed that your regular celebs are not coming online to say “Nobody Holy” … Oh well, that shit only applies when the Nigerian Govt tries to nail fraudsters.Nobody wants FBI wahala, LoooolHypocrites.—

adeda (@tosinadeda) August 16, 2019No #FreeInvictus hashtag for Invictus Obi? Oh wait, it’s the FBI so y’all can’t say shit.If it was the EFCC y’all will be yelling “He’s not our problem, leave young Nigerians alone, go after politicians, EFCC didn’t investigate I’m sure, Buhari is useless”Idiots you are!!—

adeda (@tosinadeda) August 16, 2019This Invictus Obi’s story clearly shows that Yahoo Yahoo boys can operate anywhere- even wearing suits. That’s why I hardly believe all these influencers giving Tedx Talks if I can’t trace their sources of income. Most of them do Yahoo as a major side hustle. Run your own race!—

Olalekan Adigun (@MrLekanAdigun) August 16, 2019No matter how bad Invictus Obi’s fraud is, it isn’t remotely near what Bernie Madoff or Elizabeth Holmes managed to pull off.And no, we are not the worst people on earth.That doesn’t mean we are angels.—

Onye Nkuzi (@cchukudebelu) August 17, 2019El Chapo was in Forbes list,Pablo Escobar was in Forbes list and now Invictus obi was also in Forbes list…and you are insulting and shaming Forbes…are you not mad..where have you been since??— Nick (@nicksli01) August 17, 2019

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