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Happy Birthday King HorpsyWealth 
Happy Birthday King HorpsyWealth 

Ibraheem Abdulazeez Opeyemi popularly and socially addressed as Horpsywealth a graduate of university of Ilorin Kwara state .

Horpsy wealth

Graduated from which department?

From the best department so far in the history of faculty of education. Educational management…..

The name hear the name Horpsy *wealth*, is it safe to assume Opeyemi is a young rich man?

We are all rich in one way or…
Horpsy is from Opeyemi why the wealth is from my other name Abdulazeez…
So one day. I will be rich

So, as a fresh graduate. What next after school?

Though, Unilorin still delay us for our certificate due to the spreadsheet illegal activities….. Come next year march when everything is been resolved,then we can call it a journey well spent… But for now,…. Life after school should be another greater heights.. nobody need you to be fine but ok

At the moment, who inspires you the most?

Sir,the only person that keep on motivating me is my dad….. Prof, R.A Alani From University of Lagos…..
Because the professor title is my highest stake in life…😂

Horpsy blow out concert was a memorable event, show we expect anything from Horpsy next year?

Yes yes yes. My second concert will be around next year February March or April.
Watch out But this coming year own will be different from the first one I did early this year January

What new should we expect?

Comedy at its peak…
This coming year one Wil be different….
We are working on it already
And I wish Frizzyhub media help us with the Broadcast media way

As you turn a year older today what have you learnt from the past year?

I learnt alots
Sometimes life is a lesson for us to change our way…
I thank God for all

If you can change something from the last 360days what will you change?

Change? I don’t think I have anything to change
I love the life I’m living
Qudos to my family members.
I owe them alots
and most especially Ms Olajumoke

Are you seeing someone at the moment?

Seeing in what way sir?

Any special lady?

My relationship status is private to me sir….thank you

It’s been long we heard from Horpsy Entertainment And it’s artistes, what’s going on?

I need to cancel the deal for now because most of them are still struggling with there studies and we all know Unilorin with there learning code…. But this coming show is not going to be tagged Horpsy Entertainment…but it’s my personal concert for people to laugh out there dream joy

And the artists were okay with the decision?

They got angry Some went ahead to sign another deal with other groups But anywhere one will reach in life We shall all reach there even without anyones help

Do you have plan to bring back the label in the future?

I want to reduce my social life
There are many purposes for man on earth


Happy Birthday King HorpsyWealth 
Happy Birthday King HorpsyWealth

I will only thank God for my life and my family members All the way from my mum grandma and the rest family members. Especially Alanis

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