7 Packing Tips You Will Need When Travelling To See Bae


There was a time in my relationship that I complained a lot about how my girlfriend packed her things when she visited me. I was often alarmed whenever she appeared with a big bag that made it seem like she would be spending an entire month, but she had only come to stay a day or two. Not only did her bags occupy a lot of space, but majority of the things she packed in those bags could have been better packed in one small bag! At some point, I had to sit her down and shared some important packing tips to help her as she traveled. Ever since, I have stopped worrying.

The packing tips I shared with my girlfriend have proved very helpful to both of us, so I thought to share with you today, hoping you’d find them useful when travelling to see bae.


Travelling is fun, especially when you are going to see someone very important to you, visiting a new place, or just going for a getaway; but there is usually a myriad of problems you would face in your travels if you do not properly think about one thing – packing!


The stress in carrying so many (or heavy) luggage, the cost of transporting, and struggle for space needed to accommodate your luggage are very avoidable if you get your packing right!


So here are Seven (7) packing tips that can help you eliminate many travel problems and let you focus more on the joy of meeting up with bae.


1. Plan Ahead.

Packing Tips You Will Need When Travelling To See Bae

Everything should ideally start with a plan. With the right plan, execution becomes very easy and properly guided. The same applies when you are about to travel. Take some time to plan the trip by figuring out everything that is IMPORTANT for that trip! Begin your packing process days or even weeks ahead of your departure date, this gives you ample time to have the entire trip planned out in your head, and it becomes easier to pack for it. If your packing is haphazard, it’s often because you didn’t have a proper plan in place for the trip.


2. Have a packing list.Packing Tips You Will Need When Travelling To See Bae

The only way to avoid packing five tops and jeans when you actually need (or can be fine with) just three is by having a packing list. As you plan the trip, it’s essential to come up with a list of all the necessary items for the trip. When there is a proper layout of all the things you might need, right in front of you, then you can begin to cut down and drill down to what’s really needed for the trip. Creating a packing list is also a sure fire way to ensure that you never forget to bring something important.


3. Give priority to the light materials.

As you decide on things you would be needing on your trip, it’s also necessary to think about how you will comfortably carry your luggage or move around with them. Hence, you need to pick the light materials. Instead of that heavy sweater, why not pick the lighter pullover? And if you can’t resist taking that heavy sweater, you can wear it – as long as you know you will surely need it.

4. Select multipurpose items.Packing Tips You Will Need When Travelling To See Bae

If your items can serve more than one purpose, then you will have less and less things to pack. With multipurpose items such as this kind of pants that turn into shorts or a jacket that turns into a travel pillow , you won’t have to worry about the weight of your luggage or carry more than you should.


5. Roll, don’t fold.

Packing Tips You Will Need When Travelling To See Bae

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It took me a while to personally figure this out, but since I found out, my travel experience has been different, as I get to save more space in my travel pack. More importantly, when you roll your clothes, they are less prone to getting deep wrinkles from fold creases.


6. Scale down on shoes.

Shoes have a tendency to take a lot of space, so I advise that you should go for multi-functionality in this regard as well. If it is not VERY IMPORTANT, leave it at home. Flats and slip-on shoes are usually recommended for light travels. If you need something bogus, it’s best you wear it on the trip and save that space in your travel pack.


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7.  Get the right kind of backpack.

In closing, I’d like to add that if bae is outside Nigeria, and you have to visit by air, as much as you would be looking out for packages on cheap flights, it is equally necessary to inquire about the baggage policy of the airline you intend to travel with. Knowing the baggage policy helps you understand what you are up for with your luggage ahead of time; so you can know the associated cost, if any.


If you are visiting another place like New York, USA for example; you can get cheap flights from Lagos to New York that will still guarantee you a safe and comfortable travel experience.


I hope these packing tips have been helpful. If you will still have questions, please feel free to leave your comments or send us a mail at glowvillenet@gmail.com


Thank you for reading.


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