For some reason, there’s a warped thinking by a lot of people, especially men in some parts of the world that women are good for nothing, except sex. Some people just believe that there’s nothing else a woman brings to a relationship, and she’s only there to satisfy her man when need be.


This, of course, sounds very barbaric, but the truth is that this type of thinking still holds sway in certain societies of the world, and it hasn’t helped that there are women who have accepted this notion, and have done particularly nothing to change it. I don’t know if it’s ignorance or sheer lack of concern.


However, women, like men, can add a lot of value to a relationship, and these are some of the ways they can do that.




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The man in most societies, is known to be the provider, but that notwithstanding, doesn’t mean that the woman cannot support him in little ways she can. There are women who only care about being taken care of, but never care about how their man fares. It is not a great way to keep a relationship healthy. A healthy relationship is symbiotic in nature; meaning you give as much as you get.


Of course, support goes beyond finances, it also implies being there for him through both emotional upturns and downturns.




Some women care about others more than they do for their man. A relationship that lacks loyalty is doomed to fail. Your man should be your primary concern; he comes first before any other person. Before you consider others, you must consider him.


Loyalty also means being ready to defend him publicly when the need arises. Some women are proud of their man only when they’re home together – the moment she gets outside, she throws it all away.




Nothing drives a man nuts more than a nagging woman. A nagging woman complains about everything and anything at all. She fails to see reason, even when it’s glaring. No relationship can survive a woman like that because the man can only take so much, and it will get to a point when he would have had enough, and then decides a to move on. For a relationship to thrive, it needs a lot of understanding from the woman (and the man). Understanding brings peace, and with peace comes a successful relationship.


If more women can do the aforementioned, it’s only a matter of time before their roles in a relationship are viewed better, and appreciated.


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